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Welcome! You are on Dmitry Yunovidov's website. The purpose of this site is to tell about me. In other words, this is my "manual". It describe my skills, achievements and projects to peoples and companies who may be hire me for interesting job. My main goal is to work in an ambitious company with colleagues from whom I can learn and develop myself. Now I am actively working on my skills to find my place in university, IT or research company.

If you are interested, I suggest next course of action.

  1. Read the "about" section (with build in Cover Letter).
  2. View my official CV.
  3. Grade my professional projects (both implemented and under development).
  4. Get to know my interests in blog.
  5. Write me e-mail with the job or project offer!

In brief

  • Completed projects.

    • Creation and leadership of scientific group (4 employees and 2 laboratories).
    • The research and testing center "Control Technology" (2 employees and 1 laboratory).
    • Optical device for granule composition analysis (including soft and OS management).
    • Optical device for quality of conditioning of mineral fertilizers granule (including soft and OS management).
    • Identification and "fingerprint" analyses of mineral fertilizers manufacturer (classification with energy disperse X-ray fluorescence).
    • Modifier "Salt Index" parameter for mineral fertilizers.
    • X-ray fluorescence and optical analyses of mineral fertilizers.
    • X-ray analysis of phosphoric acid with flow-cuvette.
    • Different projects from IT educational courses (big data analyses and analytic).
  • Scientific interests.

    • Collecting and analyzing various data sets (optic, text, number etc. including big data).
    • Programming (Python for scripts, web parsing and UI with PyQt5).
    • Optical recognition (python with OpenCV).
    • Prototyping (models and prototype of devices for a data mining, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, 3D printing).
    • Physical methods of analysis (X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy, chromatography, optical control).
    • Technology of production of mineral fertilizers.
    • Statistics.
    • Teaching chemistry and automation.
  • The main places of accumulation of experience.

  • Personal interests.

    • Programming & Science.
    • Self-education & Teaching.
    • Playing piano, ballroom dancing and volleyball.

Contact and communication

They are presented as various social network and other resources on this site. The preferred method is e-mail: Dm.Yunovidov@gmail.com

The copyright for materials, which are presented on this site, is distributed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike CC BY-SA license (if not said otherwise).

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