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Black box Industry Data Scientist (me)


I am Dmitrii Iunovidov - dedicated Scientist, Engineer and Data Scientist with more than 10 years of experience in science, chemical technology and device implementation.

My main goal is to reach full-stack data science dream.

This is why I came to Data Science from academia and still actively involved not only in programming, but also in scientific researching.

My skills:

  • Data Science: jupyter, pandas, numpy, scikit-learn, Keras, pyTorch, FastAI, matplotlib
  • Scientific activities: article preparation, literature analysis, expert analysis, grant activities
  • Python: openCV, PyQt, pySerial, pyUSB, pyTest
  • Servers: Linux, ssh, jupyter-hub, ansible, smb, nginx, nextcloud, cron, pelican
  • Other: git, ESG, Chemical Technology, Industrial Device Implementation, 3D printing, Blender

If you are interested, I suggest next course of action.

  1. Read the “about” section
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  4. Discover my interests and my university courses in blog
  5. Email me with the job or project offer!

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  3. Server OS: Ubuntu 20.04
  4. Working OS: Arch Linux with qtile
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