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character Iunovidov Dmitrii
Male, born November 19 1988.

Tel.: +79636407572
E-mail: [email protected]
ESG web projects: climate and CO2 data

Lives at Cherepovets city, Vologda region, Russia.
Citizenship is Russia.
Ready for relocation and business trip.

CV in pdf
University Diploma
PhD in Engineering Diploma (candidate of Engineering science)
Cover letter

Wide area experienced and dedicated Data Scientist with more than 10 years of experience in chemical technology, statistic, data device implementation and computer science. Enthusiastic researcher and developer of industrial data mining and neural networks building. Want to reach full-stack data science dream.

Desired Position: Data Scientist, Team Lead


Python 80%
Data Infrastructure 60%
Machine Learning 60%
Linux 80%
Team Leading 70%
Scientific Approach 100%
Fast Learner 100%
Chemistry Industry 60%

Total Work Experience

Head of the Laboratory of Express Methods of Analysis and Automation of Technological Processes (04.2019 - present) PhosAgro inc., JSC "NIUIF", Cherepovets, Russia
Activities are:
  1. team leading (4 stuff scientists)
  2. develop 3 data reach methods of analysis (electrochemical and 2 optical)
  3. statistic analysis of data (more than 10 jupyter notebooks)
  4. industrial data mining (develop 1 json data parser from SCADA and MES systems)
  5. software writing and support (more than 3 software and 1 server with 1 GPU, used technologies are jupyter-hub, python, PyQt, git, ansible, nextcloud, nginx)
  6. development of new methods and techniques of physical and chemical analysis (10 industrial robotic devices and 3 laboratory devices with openCV, ssh, git, ansible, ubuntu server)
Foundation of the science team from scratch, which are developed devices for data mining and implemented them in industry. Write scientific literature and patents. Industrial implementation of robotic system of optical granules composition control (more than 10 devices with industry approved documentation and certificate of implementation). Developed our scientific group site.

Associate Professor, Senior Researcher (09.2018 - to present) Cherepovets State University, Department of Automation and Control and Department of Chemical Technologies, Cherepovets, Russia
Activities are:
  1. 4 evening classes (project management , automation in industry , non destructive control methods and experiments and data )
  2. work on scientific projects (ESG, lab organization, articles)
  3. graduated 3 masters and worked with 1 PhD students
  4. founded the research and testing center "Control Technologies", which work with environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) factors and ecology data analyses
My most scientific and research reach "hobby".

Machine Learning Engineer (May 2021 – Jan 2022) rebels.ai, remote
Activities are:
  1. configure and maintained 2 server infrastructure with 4 GPUs (jupyter-hub, ubuntu server, ssh, ufw, nginx, ansible, git)
  2. data preparation (climate data, satellite data: sentinel, Google Earth Engine, Nasa, ground station data: CO2, PM 2.5, PM 10, industrial data), make 20 jupyter notebooks (pandas, geopandas, matplotlib, sentinelhub, gee, numpy)
  3. built 3 neural network models with keras and pytorch (CNN, ResNet, LSTM)
  4. a lot of reviewed and written python code
Tested my skills in actual commercial project environment (to adjust scientific research as well) and was satisfied with the result. Started to active research in neural networks.

Senior scientist (01.2018 - 04.2019) PhosAgro inc., JSC "NIUIF", Cherepovets, Russia
Specialist in automation of quality control of industrial products (mineral fertilizers); statistics; analysis of big data; x-ray fluorescence analysis and development of new techniques for physical and chemical methods of analysis. Wrote 2 software, modified 2 released software (PyQt 5, opencv, scipy, numpy, pandas, pyserial, pyUSB, jupyter, git) and developed 2 prototype of quality control devises (arduino, 3D printing, laser cut). Further development of software and hardware of optical granules recognition system. Make this CV site with projects and blog.

Scientist (12.2015 — 01.2018) PhosAgro inc., JSC "NIUIF", Cherepovets, Russia
Specialist in statistics and analysis of big data, as well as the x-ray fluorescence analysis. Developed 5 new techniques of physical and chemical methods of analysis and wrote 3 software for optical control devices (PyQt 5, openCV, pySerial, numpy, scipy, pandas). First development of optical recognition software for granules composition control (release for Windows and Linux).

Junior scientist (11.2013 — 12.2014) JSC "Omega", St. Petersburg, Russia
Specialist in energy dispersion x-ray fluorescence analysis; 3 software and 2 techniques development for the analysis of industrial products (apatite, mineral fertilizers, sulfuric and phosphoric acids). Prototypes and developed 3 programs in Python (PyQt 4, pySerial, numpy, scipy).

Junior scientist (10.2011 — 10.2013) PhosAgro inc., JSC "NIUIF", Moscow, Russia
Specialist in x-ray fluorescence analysis; development of 1 new techniques; software support of the devices (python, PyQt 4). The approaches for analyzing phosphorus, sulfur, aluminum and rare earth elements were developed.

Education is PhD in engineering (candidate in technical science).

Additional IT Education


  • Russian (native)
  • English (B+, intermediate)
  • Bulgarian (basic)
  1. Engineer of the year - Russian Union of Science and Engineering Associations, 2022
  2. 1st place in the "Innovative Engineer of the Year" competition - Vologda Region Governor, 2021
  3. Letter of Gratitude - Cherepovets State University, 2020
  4. 1st place in the corporate competition "Young Leader" at JSC "Apatit" and 3rd place throughout all "PhosAgro" Corporation - "PhosAgro" inc., 2019
  5. Letter of Gratitude - Governor of the Vologda Region, 2019
  6. Certificate of Appreciation - Russian Academy of Sciences, 2019
  7. Honorary Diploma - Russian Union of Chemists and Rosshimprofsoyuz, 2019
  8. 2nd place in the "Innovative Engineer of the Year" competition - Vologda Region Governor, 2018
  9. Letter of Gratitude - JSC "NIUIF", 2018
Licenses and patents
About me I like to work and communicate with energetic and creative people, as well as keeping on coding, research and self-education. Have a child.
Cover Letter Dear colleagues,
For more than 10 years there have been three brunch of self-development for me.
  • Computer technologies and data analysis, where I try to find tools and methods, which allows me to implement my ideas. Data mining and analyzing, software prototyping and server and device implementation of them - this is my path. I try to find the most modern and automated solution of arising problems (ubuntu servers, ansible, nginx, ssh, git, smb, python, jupyter, pandas, numpy, tensorflow, opencv, pyserial, pyUSB, etc). I actively use the object-oriented approach and multithreading (there is no other way for user interfaces).
  • Automation of quality control processes in chemical technology. This is the area for inspiration and challenges. I have been working in the industrial production of mineral fertilizers for over 10 years now. Various production technologies, control techniques, data processing and visualization methods were studied. The robotic optical control system of granulation processes was developed and implemented (SCADA, MES-systems, matplotlib, PyQt, smb, jupyter-hub, voila).
  • Analytical and statistical research. This is an additional field of knowledge for test of developed approaches and devices in laboratory conditions. I try out new hypotheses and calculate the probabilities of the obtained results. Make analytical researches (arduino, 3D print, data mining, experiments planing, science work).
Such approach to personal development and goals definition has allowed me to achieve career growth from junior researcher to the head of a group of scientists (a group of express methods of analysis and automation of technological processes of JSC "NIUIF", "PhosAgro" inc.) with a strong Data Science experience. Besides, I have obtained a number of key results in the course of my professional activity.
  • An industrial automatic granular composition analyzer for online control of mineral fertilizer particles properties was created. Its allows to analyze a lot of optical and physical parameters of granules. I personally implemented the working algorithm, software and administration of data. There are already 6 such devices in production control.
  • ML engineering of satellite data with A LOT of data (3-4 Tb per model). The various neural network were build and some personal services were implemented ( GitHub and the direct link to jupyter web apps).
  • Some new approaches for collecting, processing and presenting analytical data were developed. On their basis, a combined X-ray fluorescence optical control device, a fertilizer sample database and several methods of fertilizer identification and analysis were created ( with k-means clustering, PCA, multiple regression and classification).
  • Six analytical techniques of quantitative analysis for wave and energy dispersion X-ray fluorescence analysis were developed and certified (on the internal and governmental levels) under my supervision and with my direct involvement.
  • Two laboratories for data mining, data device development, ESG and ecological AI were build from scratch. Example 1 and Example 2.
I enjoy my work and my life choices! I have never regret about graduation from the Moscow State University (specialist in analytical chemistry and nanotechnology). This allowed me to understand the fundamental and applied bases of science. Further development of my way was PhD in Engineering (on a specialty of devices and methods of experimental physics) as well as three online specialties on machine learning and data analysis (Yandex, Johns Hopkins University, Microsoft). There allows me to implementing my knowledge and ideas by my hands and computers.
Hope we can enjoy data, IT and technology together!