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The "Salt Index Calculator" software description

Posted on 2019 / 10 / 22 in soft • 1 min read

Authors: Yunovidov D.V., Nadezhin M.N.

Rights holder: Research Institute for Fertilizers and Insect Fungicides named after Professor Y.V.Samoilov (JSC NIUIF).

Program: “Salt Index Calculator”.


The software is designed to calculate the salt index of various mineral fertilizers. The calculations are based on the information on the phase composition of fertilizers (by main phases) and tabular data on the conductivity (salt indices) of the initial components of fertilizers (phases).

The software works with Russian and English languages and allows:

  1. Set the type and brand of fertilizer: * to specify the content of basic nutrients and sulphur; * to specify the main components of fertilizers (main phases).
  2. To clarify and supplement the database of conductivity of diluted solutions of initial fertilizer components (salt indexes).
  3. Supplement basic fertilizer components.
  4. Export the obtained information as .txt, .csv, *.xls files.
  5. Build the report.

Contribution of authors

  • Dmitry Yunovidov - development of software and calculation logic, implement the primary interface of the program.
  • Nadezhin Miksim - software implementation of salt index calculation, improvement of user interface, testing.

Computer type: IBM PC-complex. PC

” Language: Python 2.7

OS: 32 and 64 bit Windows any version, Linux, MacOS

Program size: 1.32 MB (1320000 bytes)