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There you able to:

  • analyze my basic skills, projects and interests described in a fairly free form
  • read some interest papers about automation and IT in industry, data analyses and teaching.
  • ask any question
  • write me with proposals and interesting projects and so on.

Presented materials were accumulated during my industrial, scientific and personal career. I am happy to share them with you!

Here is my "working circle", when I need to test new IT ideas or developed software/devices (I have excluded the computer-time for software writing and looking at the monitor).

Sampling Lab Tests
Get some samples (just a little) Make some laboratory data
Industry IT Industrial data
Test programs in industrial condition Get some industrial data

Completed and implementing projects
Project Technologies
Team-leading of scientific group Industrial automation and devices; Data Analyses
The research and testing center "Control Technology" ESG and ecological AI development
ML engineering for Earth remote sensing with python Google Earth Engine, Sentinel-hub, Copernicus, NASA Earthdata
Laboratory SCADA system with ambient data flow from self-created devices Ubuntu Server, ansible, nginx, jupyter-hub, ssh, pyTest, PostgreSQL, python, pySerial, Nextcloud
Robotic optical device for granule composition analysis PyQt5, Ubuntu Server, ansible, nginx, smb, ssh, git, pySerial, pyUSB, numpy, opencv, arduino
Laboratory optical device for quality of conditioning of mineral fertilizers granule PyQt5, Ubuntu Server, ansible, nginx, smb, ssh, git, pySerial, pyUSB, numpy, opencv, arduino
Identification and "fingerprint" analyses of mineral fertilizers manufacturer PyQt5, jupyter, pandas, scikit-learn, numpy
Modifier "Salt Index" parameter for mineral fertilizers PyQt5, pySerial, SQLite
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Licenses, patents and certificates of implementation

  1. Robotic System of Optical Control and Data Acquisition for Analyzing the Physical Properties of Industrially Produced Mineral Fertilizer Granules (the further development and modernization of implemented robotic optical control system were described)
  2. Robotic Control System for Particles Size Distribution of industrially Produced Mineral Fertilizers (the development and implementation of a robotic system for granule size analysis into the industrial practice is described)
  3. Method of industrial automated optical-electronic control of granulometric composition of mineral fertilizers (development of the device for industrial online control of granulometric composition of mineral fertilizers was described)
  4. Pattern recognition in the differentiated image for the powder and granulated materials particle size classification (the algorithm of automatic particle size analysis of pressed powders in digital image was described)
  5. The Possibility of Optical Analysis of the Mineral Fertilizers Physical Properties (the approach for combined optical and energy dispersion X-ray fluorescence analysis of mineral fertilizers was described)
  6. Determination of Acceptable Sample Weight of Mineral Fertilizers to Keep Those Sample to be Representative Ones in Terms of Particle Size Distribution (the possibility of using 50 g of the fertilizer for representative analysis of granule size was proved)
  7. Classification Algorithms for Quality Control of Industrially Manufactured Mineral Fertilizers (a review of some big data analysis algorithms (classification) for ED XRF fertilizer analysis was given)
  8. The Use of the Sample Spectrum for Assessing the Impact of Different Stages of the NPKS Fertilizer Preparation on the Results of X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis (the main interfering influences of sample preparation on ED XRF analysis were considered)
  9. Development of a Standard Sample of Apatite Concentrate. Effective Control of Homogeneity by XRF Analysis Methods (a new approach to estimating the homogeneity of elements distribution in standard ore samples using the scanning ED XRF method was proposed)

Conferences and it's materials
  1. XV International Scientific and Technical Conference "Actual Problems Of Electronic Instrument Engineering". Novosibirsk, Russia, 2021
  2. The 4th International Conference on Mechanical, System and Control Engineering (ICMSC). Kazan, Russia, 2020
  3. Night of the Science. Kirovsk, Russia, 2019
  4. 3rd International Conference on Automation, Control and Robots (ICACR). Prague, Czech Republic, 2019
  5. III All-Russian Conference on Analytical Spectroscopy with International Participation. Tuapse, Russia, 2019
  6. International Scientific and Practical Conference of NIUIF JSC: 100 years of development of science and production. Cherepovets, Russia, 2019
  7. 3rd International Conference on Information Processing and Control Engineering (ICIPCE). Moscow, Russia, 2019
  8. I All-Russian Conference with International Participation "Mathematical and Computer Modeling in Materials Science". Cherepovets, Russia, 2019
  9. 5th International Congress on Microscopy & Spectroscopy (INTERM). Oludeniz, Turkey, 2018
  10. 1th Winter symposium on chemometrics (WSC11). Saint Petersburg, Russia, 2018
  11. 3rd Congress of Analysts of Russia. Moscow, Russia, 2017
  12. VIII All-Russian Conference on X-ray spectral analysis. Irkutsk, Russia, 2014
  13. 2nd Congress of Analysts of Russia. Moscow, Russia, 2013
More information

Scientific interests
  • Collecting and analyzing data
  • Programming on Python
  • Machine Vision and openCV
  • Prototyping of devices (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, 3D printing, EasyEDA)
  • Chemical technology and industry
  • Statistics
  • Teaching chemistry and automation