Create your own handwritten font

Posted on 2018 / October / 13 in education • 4 min read

This short note tell you about creation of handwritten font (tested by myself). The necessity of this task was caused by the following personal factor:

  • one very good person asked my help with notes writing (yes, there are some university teachers who ask handwritten notes in Russia in 2018).

Further …

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Wordcloud of news or dialog from social network

Posted on 2018 / August / 12 in education • 8 min read


Let's do a job like parsing It is devoted to accumulating and analyzing a news feed or dialogues in social network. The obtained information is used to create a database. In my case there are 2 goals:

  • to perform a one-time analysis of all my …

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Prase science on v0.1

Posted on 2018 / August / 01 in education • 9 min read

This work is devoted to parsing the site, section - science to create a database of posts. The main purpose of this work is to accumulate information. The obtained information can be further used for semantic analysis and practice in Big Data. The goal includes a set of tasks …

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